Hello I’m Jordan, a Web Developer from the West Midlands.

About me

Hey I’m Jordan, a web developer from Wolverhampton, England. My main skill set focuses around front-end development, but I’m also expanding my knowledge around the back-end. I’m currently a huge fan of the JAMstack approach, often using Prismic CMS with Next.js to statically generate websites that are easily updatable to the owner.

My main skills include:

Styled Components

I’m also exploring:



Divine Designs screenshot

Divine Designs

Freelance work for a local interior and garden design business. The site uses Prismic CMS to allow the business to update content, and uses Next.js static generation for speedy load times.

Bricking It

An entry to Prismic’s Slice Machine Contest, a single page website themed around an imaginary startup. Using Slice Machine, Next.js and Storybook.

VGX screenshot

VGX - Video Game eXchange

A project based around a pawnbroker style entertainment company. Built using React as a front-end and Express, MongoDB and Mongoose as the back-end.

VGX is currently looking for a new host.

Jordan is a great person to work with, he does a really good job of explaining things and helping make website management simple. He listened to my ideas and input and translated them into a really professional looking website. He has talked me through the options for my website and understand what each one can give me, which was really helpful. My website works really smoothly and like how user friendly it is. I would highly recommend Jordan and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Bethany Maddams
Owner and Lead Designer at Divine Designs

Contact me

Get in touch. Whether you’re interested in hiring me for work or freelance, or just to find out more about me. I’d love to hear from you.

You can also find me on LinkedIn and GitHub.