VGX - Video Game eXchange

A project based around a pawnbroker style entertainment company. Built using React as a front-end and Express, MongoDB and Mongoose as the back-end.

VGX is currently looking for a new host.

VGX screenshot

After making several applications with React, with no way to persist data, I set out to learn the basics of back-end development. I based the website on a company I’ve worked for, and gave me the perfect opportunity to build a full-stack e-commerce website.

I started by designing schemas for my data types which were Category, Product, and TopProduct. Category was used to create documents based around the product types we sold, e.g. PlayStation 4 Games. Product contained various information relating to the products such as name, image, prices, Category etc. TopProduct simply referenced another Product and was used for the top products section on the homepage.

I chose to use MongoDB Atlas as my database as the free tier was more than capable to meet the requirements, and used Express as my web server. React was used for the front-end and was served via the Express server.